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Who we are

As I was born in a weak developing country and come from a middle class family, we used to travel with
groups in trucks with many locals whenever we made trips in our childhood life. The trucks were crowded by people and uncomfortable. Besides, we had very short limit time for us of spending and sightseeing in one place what we traveled along.

Therefore, I made my travel memories to get vividly in mind difficulty and keep strong will to continue traveling when my age is getting elder and elder in a good and comfortable way to learn more beautiful and interesting places around Myanmar. After getting degree at university, I attended Tourist Guide Training Course and had been a tourist guide for 3 years.

Then, I met him (who became my husband) who is a Marine Engineer also plays a main character of my life. He and I had many discussions about this work and we started this travel agent. In fact, that is not totally like business for us because we always give extra service for clients who make trip with us after reaching confirmation from them.

We give present dinners, sunset boat, free flow wine on sunset boat and arranged rooms for clients who have to depart from Myanmar for early morning flights as they will not get late check out from hotels and many unseen service from our heart. We have been doing this travel agent about 9 years and have many clients from different countries (Western and Europe) by our internet website. All of them liked our service.

My lovely  Travelers to Myanmar

Due to satisfaction about our service, their relations and friends are coming according to their recommendation. Please come and see us. As I take traveling is my soul, I am always pleased to serve and show our magical, wonderful, unique cultural, interesting history and beautiful land to my lovely travelers.