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Balloon Over Bagan

1. How long is the flight?

Our flights normally last 45 minutes to one hour, or longer depending on the wind. The whole experience including hotel pickups and light champagne breakfast lasts between 2 to 3 hours. ing is also about watching the set up of the balloon, and being rescued at the end too, not just the flight itself. Not knowing where you are going to land is always exciting and part of the adventure!

2. What do we see?

The exciting thing about ballooning is that you just don’t know. You will see Bagan waking up in the morning. You will see many temples in the distance and get a spectacular aerial view of Bagan. Sometimes you may fly over villages and see people on their early morning rounds, feeding their animals; or going to market. It is an amazing and interactive experience.

3. Can we go to .. by balloon?

The balloon can only go where the wind takes it. So you cannot pre-plan where it will land.

4. Is it safe?

  • Commercial passenger ballooning is the safest form of all air transport.
  • In Bagan we are always very careful. We only fly when there are light surface winds less than 8 knots.
  • Our pilots and technicians are European Nationals qualified and registered in the UK.
  • Our balloons are built to the highest standards of the British aerospace industry by Cameron Balloons Ltd, the world’s largest manufacturer of hot air balloons.
  • All our crew are trained to the highest international standards and have all been trained in first aid by UK Public Transport Inspectors

5. What do we get for the price?

A memory that we hope will last forever; transport to and your hotel to lunch and landing site, flight , ‘rescue’, celebratory glass of champagne and light breakfast.

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