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Destinations In Myanmar


Means end of strife and the former capital of myanmar. It is splendid with the World Wonder Shwedagon pagoda. The heart of the third founder of myanmar King Alung Paya. The garden city in the southeast Asia. Rich with a lot of rivers. Over 350 sq km covers and population is 6 million over.


Means a vast or flat plain land. Founder is the King Mindon. That is the real place of hand-made, weaving, wood carving, gold smith, silver smith, paintings, stone carving. Surrounded by a lot of interesting places Mingun …, Inwa(Ava).., Sagaing.., Amarapura. Besides, there is a proverb in myanmar ‘if you want to stay long, take the shelter of Mandalay hill’.


Arimaddanapura- Means Crush Its Enemies. If somebody asks where does exist the most wonderful, marvelous, interesting, impressive in full of culture and religion and simple people? Do not hesitate to answer ‘yes that is Bagan ‘. The answer is more than the questions.


Have you ever seen and been unbelievable natural lake in the northern part of myanmar. On the Lake, people live with their families, grow vegetables, sell and buy things, learn for their education …..We cannot say and write how much it is beautiful practically with words and pictures. The green mountains hug this lake and you might be understood when you get there.



Thanlyin shows the 18th century history. The old buildings still stand in evidence of the days of Portuguese occupation. The worth visiting, the ruins of an old Portuguese Church built during 18th century, the Sacred Heart Church dated 1870 by a French missionary and so on.


The boulder was placed on the edge of a rocky precipice with the resolution that it would never fall come storm or earthquake or human endeavour. It is believed that the one will get prosperity and success for their future that they visit there for three consecutive years.


This 40 square-mile (103 sq km) sanctuary is a favorite of bird watchers. It is the habitat of thousands of birds, including more than 40 species of water fowl. More than 30 species of migratory birds have been identified at this sanctuary is between Bago and Waw townships in Bago Division. As well as bird watching there are boats available for hire for sight-seeing trips in this vast wetlands.



You are one of the most lucky ones to have a chance to rest at the most beautiful beach of myanmar. Located on the Rakhine Coast near Thandwe. Ngapali Beach stretches miles after miles with soft white sand fringed by coconut palms. It still stands unlike other beaches with a lot of natural things. With White Sand and Nice Sun, Blue Sea and Sky are seen practically there.


It is situated about 48 km from Pathein in Ayeyarwaddy Division. At Ngwe Saung Beach, one can find varieties of sea fishes, marine plants and also the coral reef. This beach is so natural that you will be able to find sea shells, jelly fishes and crabs on the shore. Moreover, crab-arts on sand are interesting to watch in evening. The smell of fresh air, the taste of delicious seafood, and the heat of the sun, will make your holidays complete.


Chaung Tha is about 5 hour drive from Yangon. Which is an attractive wide beach with Ayeyarwaddy delta look. Not only coconut palms but also casuarinas trees can be found along the beach too. Delicious Crab curry and other sea foods are popular, with great taste and low prices. Fresh coconut juice will make you relaxed here.

MYEIK (Mergui) Archipelago

The Myeik Archipelago area along the remote myanmar banks is ‘a must-see destination’ for all serious sea lovers. myanmar opened its rich virgin waters to foreigners in 1997, after a closed period of over 50 years. More than 800 islands scattered within 3600 square kilometers. Far from being crowded, they are mostly uninhabited, waiting to be explored. Some islands are inhabited by Moken sea gypsies who are the main inhabitants of the west coast of Southeast Asian peninsula.Off myanmar’s south-eastern coast, the Myeik Archipelago, with its 800 islands, is a world -class diving destination, with beautiful

coral reefs and a rich variety of marine life. Many of the islands in the 14,000 square-mile (36260 sq km) area are uninhabited. The human inhabitants of the region include the Salon or Moken sea gypsy people. Lampi, one of the main islands, has been designed the Lampi National Park and is listed as an ASEAN Heritage Site. Diving and sight-seeing trips in the archipelago leave from Kawthaung, at the far south of Tanintharyi Division.


Diving and imagine of many species under the surface. This is the excellent place to dive. The best places for diving sites are Black Rock, High Rock, Twin Island, Shark Cave and myanmar banks. The best Islands are Myak Ni, Myin Khwar, Wa Ale, Salet Galet, Kubo, Bo Cho, Lampi, 115 Island, The Great Swintons Island and Nyaung Wee Island.


The lake is the biggest one in myanmar. It has a wonder pagoda middle of the lake. You should have binoculars and nice camera for the bird watching sightseeing and the confluence of two rivers Mekha – Melikha.

THE SNOW LAND OF MYANMAR(Snow – Peaked Mountain)

Would anybody believe that there is a snow-land in a tropical country like myanmar? Well, there does. There is a place in the northernmost region of myanmar surrounded by ranges of snow-capped mountains. This is the place of National Tribes Ra Wan, Tai Hkamti, Jingh-paw, myanmar, Chinese, Lahu, Kayin and Rakhine.