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Myanmar Travel Tips

Information about Myanmar


6 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Greenwich meantime.


Boiled water or drinking purified water is very suitable for the visitors.

You can get electricity every hour at the big hotels in Myanmar. The current is run at 220 volts, 50 hertz AC.


Myanmar has three seasons Summer, Rainy and Winter Seasons a year. Summer takes from the end of February to the beginning of May, with highest temperatures during March and April in Central Myanmar up to above 110° F. Rainy is from the end of May till the beginning of October, the rain fall of less than 40 inches in Central Myanmar while the coastal regions of Rakhine and Tanintharyi get about 200 inches. Winter starts from November and last to the end of February with temperature in hilly areas of over 3000 feet drops below 32° F (0 C).


Cotton wears and light clothes are good for summer.

You may need raincoat in Monsoon when you are in the trekking tour in northern part of Myanmar.

Winter is not as cold as you think. But you should get sweater, pullover and your coat for the upper Myanmar.


The one may wear formal clothes and ladies should take long pants, skirts and short sleeves, long sleeves blouses (not mentioned about sleeveless) for the pagodas and temples. The staffs (walking) are brought if you need in trekking and walking in the slipped places of the pagoda platform.


The union of Myanmar is made up of over 130 national races of which the main national races are Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Bamar, Rakhine, Shan. The population is about 60 millions. The Bamar majority race is about 70 percent.


The main religion of the country is Buddhism 89.5 %. There are also Christians, Muslims, Hindus and some animists.


Myanmar lies between two great civilizations, India and China, but it has developed its own distinctive culture. Buddhism has great influence on the daily lives of the Myanmar people. The people have preserved the traditions of close family system, take the same level of elder, parents and teachers like our Lord Buddha. The people have the monogamy culture between the couples.


The official language is Myanmar. English is widely used among Myanmar people.


Nowadays, you can easily can buy Sim cards in Myanmar with reasonable prices for your phone calls to home. Every part has internet line and you can use as you like. A Sim card costs only 3 to 5 US in Myanmar.


The mainly Myanmar Food is rice and curry. Monhinga (rice noodles with fish soup including pepper, onions and the stem of banana), Ohn-No-Khaukswe (noodles with chicken and coconut soup) and Salads (noodles or glass noodles) are the main breakfast food for Myanmar Local people.

There are a lot of restaurants and snack bars in the whole part of country.

One meal may cost about 3500 Ks to above for the tourists.

A bottle of one liter mineral water costs 350 Ks for everybody.

A cup of coffee may cost you about 600 Ks and above. It depends which restaurant and snack bar you choose.


As Our Precious Myanmar is a tropical country, we are very rich with tropical fruits the whole year round, like mango, durian, jackfruit, pomelo, pineapple, grapefruit, grapes, mangosteen, papaya, orange, apple, watermelon , banana, strawberry and avocado.


Vegetables are fresh, cheap and planted by natural way in our beautiful Myanmar.


According to the record, there are 1000 bird species, butterflies, insects, 7000 species of plant life.

And, it has over of 300 mammal species and 300 reptiles.


You should get medicine in case you often need. Bring some suntan lotion, some apply skin for your message tired. The precious Myanmar’s Guides can give you many useful information for your health if you have any problem for your health.


Our country office hour is from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm from Monday to Friday. The Banks are a little different from 09:30 am to 03:00 pm weekdays. But, companies work from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm. Shops and shopping centres are opened from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm daily, including holidays. Our Precious Myanmar work form 09:00 am to 05:00 pm from Monday to Saturday.


  • January 4 Independence Day
  • February 12 Union Day
  • March 2 Peasants’ Day
  • March 27 Armed Forces’ Day
  • April – Thingyan (Water Festival) (10 days including Myanmar New Year Day)
  • April – Myanmar New Year Day
  • May 1 Workers’ Day
  • July 19 Martyrs’ Day
  • July – Dhammasetkya Day (Full Moon Day of Waso)
  • October – Abhidamma Day (Full Moon Day of Thandingyut for Thandingyut Festival)
  • November – Tazaungdine Festival (Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone)
  • November – National Day
  • December 25 Christmas


Jewels, electrical goods and cameras must be declared at the airport. Antiques and archaeologically valuable items are not allowed to be taken out. Duty free allowance: Two bottles of liquor; two cartons of cigarettes; 100 cigars; 1.5 lb of tobacco; one pint bottle of perfume or eau de cologne.


Myanmar currency is the Kyat, made up of 100 Pyas. Currency notes come in the following denominations; Ks 10000, Ks 5000, Ks 1000,Ks 500, Ks 200, Ks 100, Ks 50, .


Visitors may bring in any amount of foreign currency but it must be declared to the customs if it exceeds US$ 10,000. US$ is widely accepted by hotels, airlines, travel agencies, taxis, restaurants, and admission fees to museums, pagodas, etc.